Buy a Print to Support Children Living in Conflict

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Dust Off
Antarctica, 2015Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth

Over 150 photographers have come together as part of a new initiative curated by Dust Off, who are selling prints by photographers including David Sims, Tim Walker and Jamie Hawkesworth to support the protection of children living in conflict

Due to the war in Ukraine, 5.5 million children are currently in need of humanitarian assistance as a consequence of a war not of their making, sparking displacement on a scale and speed not seen in Europe since World War II.

Mobilising photography’s eclectic and creative community of members, Dust Off has launched a new initiative, curating and selling prints by some of today’s greatest, most high-profile photographers at the price of £125 each, with all revenue from sales donated to War Child UK – a non-profit organisation that protects, advocates and stands up for the rights of children living through conflict across the world.

Dust Off launched this year with thanks to stylist and creative consultant Nancy Rohde and Artistry’s global director Elizabeth Norris. “It was in Berlin that I was confronted first-hand by the exodus of women and children fleeing Ukraine disembarking from trains and onto the platform,” says Rohde. “I felt a desperate need to help. I thought about ways image makers could avail themselves and it was through conversations with fellow industry peers that Dust Off was initiated.”

“The quality of photography we are lucky enough to be selling is exceptional,” adds Norris. “And I hope we raise a fortune for all the children suffering globally as a result of conflict; they are at the core of everything we hope to achieve.” The Dust Off sale includes the work of 171 renowned photographers from around the world – each offering a single image to add to the sale. Photographers include David Sims, David Bailey, Inez & Vinoodh, Casper Sejersen, Venetia Scott, Carlijn Jacobs, Drew Vickers, Willy Vanderperre, Zhong Lin, Walter Pfeiffer and Tim Walker, Jack Davison, Jamie Hawkesworth, and many more.

Dust Off is happening in collaboration with John Gayner from INK Retouch and with support from Michael Nash Associates, Chroma Centre, and The Lab. Visit the Dust Off website to purchase your prints from now until November 30.