Proud, Provocative Portraits That Celebrate Feminine Authenticity

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AlbertinePhotography Guen Fiore, styling Rubina Vita Marchiori

A new series by photographer Guen Fiore and stylist Rubina Vita Marchiori celebrates the fearless authenticity of Gen-Z women

Powered by the desire to rewrite the narrative around young women’s experiences, Guen Fiore and Rubina Vita Marchiori began collaborating in 2019. Ever since relocating from Italy to London in pursuit of their creative ambitions, the two have used visual storytelling and styling as a way of capturing the uniqueness of their subjects. This same approach was brought to the forefront in GIRLS: their latest photo story showcasing the boldness of Gen-Z women.

“For too long, people’s opinions of how girls are ‘supposed’ to look has prevented young women from being the most authentic version of themselves,” photographer Guen Fiore tells AnOther. “Today, partly thanks to the rise of social media, girls present themselves to others more freely, daring to experiment with fashion and body language as direct extensions of their personality.”

Shot between London and Paris, GIRLS lenses the beauty of a new generation of women, turning their audacity into a manifesto of modern femininity. Portraying a cast of 20 to 23-year-old girls, the series documents each subjects’ sensuality and self-assurance, with all pictures taken within the safe boundaries of their homes. GIRLS also narrates how women can turn to fashion to express themselves, with the subjects wearing a selection of garments combining archive pieces with hand-picked items from their wardrobe.

“Having the opportunity to see each girl get acquainted with Guen’s camera was inspiring,” says stylist Rubina Vita Marchiori. “To see them reinterpret themselves through the clothing, posing genuinely and uncensored, empowered me in ways that I couldn’t foresee ... I think it’s important to support women who are in full contact with their sexuality and sensuality and are not afraid to show it. No one should feel entitled to judge them on their appearance.” 

“What I love about this project is how it challenges my conception of femininity,” says Florence, one of the series’ protagonists. “I find it unusual: intimate and bold, delicate but sexy. Containing the many pluralities of the female universe within itself, GIRLS creates a balance between apparently contrasting opposites, opening up a space for meaningful conversations on our experiences.”

For 33-year-old Fiore and 30-year-old Marchiori, highlighting how the current generation of young women differs from their own was one of the main goals of this visual essay – and a lot was learned in the process. “Today’s girls are different from the ‘sweet’ women of the past,” explains Florence. “A recent sense of rewilding has countered the traditional idea of beauty, which stripped women of their real essence, body, and grittiness in the name of purity.” 

Eliza and Anugraha, two other models from the series, share the same fearless attitude. “Girlhood means to me the freedom to do whatever I want and experiment in every possible way before having to face the real world,” says Eliza.  

“It’s an unspoken pact we make with each other, like having each other’s backs in public or believing in women when they come forward and speak out,” adds Anugraha. “Girlhood is feeling proud while watching other girls occupy space, raise their voices, and grow exponentially in anything that they put their minds to.”

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