Buy a Print to Help Support Female Journalists in Afghanistan

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Journalists for Afghanistan Print Sale
Photography Rafiq MaqboolCourtesy of Journalists for Afghanistan

In a time of societal and political upheaval in Afghanistan, female journalists are struggling to survive

Afghanistan’s women journalists are in crisis. Following the Taliban-takeover of the country last month, female journalists have been forced out of jobs and told to stay at home. Others have been attacked and harassed. According to Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF), as few as 39 of Kabul’s 700 female journalists are still working.

In an effort to stand in solidarity with and offer support to their Afghan colleagues, members of the NWMI (Network of Women in Media, India) have formed the initiative Journalists for Afghanistan and are now raising funds with a print sale. In collaboration with The Associated Press, who allowed the use of images from their Afghanistan coverage, and The Media Safety & Solidarity Fund (MSSF), the sale brings together a collection of images that offer brief glimpses into the daily life of Afghanistan over more than two decades.

From a snapshot of children playing football in an abandoned and empty swimming pool to an image of camaraderie and love while a Canadian tank rolls past in the background, these photographs challenge us to reflect on the power of courage and resilience in tumultuous times.

Each print is on sale for $100 and all proceeds will go towards supporting women journalists in Afghanistan – whether it be finding safe houses, evacuations, rebuilding small media start-ups, settling in new countries, or finding ways to continue telling their stories in their own voices. 

The Journalists for Afghanistan print sale runs until Thursday 30 September 2021. Buy your print here and support on Instagram here.