Watch: Superblue’s Techno-Surrealist Tribute to Indigenous America

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Every Step Is a Prayer by Superblue and Nowness
Courtesy Nowness and Superblue

The Miami-based art initiative has partnered up with Nowness for an immersive seven-minute short film

Nowness has teamed up with experimental art initiative Superblue for a new film. The seven-minute short, titled Every Step Is a Prayer, is a “techno-surrealist” tribute to America‘s indigenous communities, particularly the Miccosukee and Seminole tribes of Miami.

Every Step Is A Prayer is directed by Cara Stricker, and comes with original music from composer James William Blades and singer Lafawndah. It was created to celebrate the opening of Superblue’s new immersive arts venue, which opened in Miami earlier this year (the film’s title is a nod to the space’s inaugural exhibition, Every Wall Is a Door).

In the short, we see a series of stark vignettes, shot both in the Superblue venue and in the overgrown hinterlands of Florida. It then goes on to feature tightly choreographed – and immaculately styled – dance sequences, many of which are performed by local community members. “This was a journey guided by spirit, the storekeepers of ancestral knowledge, the great teachers of the indigenous, and intuition, from the Everglades, through Allapattah Miami, into Superblue,” says Stricker of the filmmaking process.

The aim, she says, was to bring “awareness and exploration” to the land and its communities, drawing inspiration from Liberation work and Black and indigenous futurism. “This process was nothing short of a somatic daily practice, toward a future we are manifesting together, and that which I’m eternally grateful for. An experiential prayer that came together because of the dedication to the cause of the vision.“

Every Step Is A Prayer is now available to watch in full below. You can also learn more about Superblue’s upcoming projects on their official website.