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AnOther Queer Utopia
Photography by Fernanda Liberti, @libertife

Queer Utopia, as Seen by 15 Inspiring LGBTQ+ Photographers

We invited LGBTQ+ photographers to send us an image in response to the theme ‘Queer Utopia’. We were blown away by the response – here are 15 of our favourites

Lead ImagePhotography by Fernanda Liberti, @libertife

To mark Pride Month, we invited LGBTQ+ photographers from around the world to send us an image in response to the theme ‘Queer Utopia’, for a chance to have their work showcased on AnOther Magazine’s platforms. From over 600 entries, we whittled down the submissions to 15 captivating images which document queer life, love and joy across the globe. From photos fizzing with energy – taken in places ranging from Belfast to North Carolina – to transporting fashion portraiture, one intimate bedroom scene, and much more, these individual ‘utopias’ represent spaces of warmth and safety, together offering an uplifting portrait of pride in the age of Covid – and beyond.