Visual Artist Weirdcore Opens Surreal ‘Airport of the Future’ Exhibition

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Courtesy the artist

The visual mastermind behind Aphex Twin, Radiohead and M.I.A has launched a new show in Beijing, offering viewers a ‘singular voyage through time and space’

UK artist Weirdcore – the mastermind behind Aphex Twin’s hypnotic visuals – has launched a new exhibition in Beijing. The sprawling seven-room show, titled ORIENT FLUX, is taking place at @T-10 on the fourth floor of the city’s SKP-S department store.

The multisensory exhibition bills itself as a “singular voyage through time and space”. It welcomes viewers to take part in a series of immersive audio-visual experiences, which are all set within an imagined airport of the future. Featuring music direction from Goooooose and 33EMYBW, along with creative direction, design and production by Kennedy London, the rooms include an ambient “departure lounge”, a conceptual take on the security queue “maze”, and a boarding gate demarcated with infinity mirrors and blinking floor lights. In the final section, visitors are told to board the “TRANS-AEON EXPRESS”: an illusory bullet train that takes you on a kaleidoscopic trip through China’s history.

ORIENT FLUX draws its inspiration from 1970s and 80s sci-fi, as well as surrealism, contemporary surveillance culture and time travel. Like much of Weirdcore’s other work, the show is a three-dimensional digital experience containing a mixture of live visuals, coding, motion graphics and film. It’s a signature style that has seen him secure a ten-year creative partnership with Aphex Twin, as well as collaborations with Radiohead, Tame Impala, M.I.A., and Charlie XCX.

ORIENT FLUX is at the 4th floor of Beijing’s SKP-S store, until January 24 2021. Tickets are available here.