Animals by Amazing Photographers: This Is the Best Calendar for 2021

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PoodlePhotography Neil Winokur

A new monthly calendar, published by Oui Non Editions, shares a selection of animals captured by some of the world’s most respected photographers – including Roe Etheridge, Maisie Cousins and Mark Steinmetz

From poodles and pigs, to cats and pigeons: a new monthly calendar celebrates the everyday heroes of the animal kingdom. The project, titled Animal Chronicles, brings together 12 portraits taken by some of the world’s most respected photographers. There are contributions from Roe Etheridge (shooting dolphins), Maisie Cousins (shooting ants), and Mark Steinmetz (shooting a cat), as well as Neil Winokur, Paul Kooiker (who conceived and directed a project starring Michèle Lamy and Kim Kardashian for the A/W20 issue of AnOther), and Charlie Engman.

The calendar was published by Oui Non Editions, and has been over a year in the making. “With each month, I would get a new photographer on board,” says Oui Non Editions founder, Angelique. “I made a list of photographers I really wanted to collaborate with. All of the ones I selected had shot portraits of animals at some point in their careers, and seemingly had an interest in the subject.”

The project is entirely independent. After receiving a lukewarm response from publishers, Angelique Piliere – harnessing her skills as a graphic designer and art director – decided to launch Animal Chronicles on her own, starting Oui Non Editions in the process. The publishing house opened officially in October this year, to coincide with the calendar’s release. “Oui Non started as an outlet for me to create projects I feel excited about, without relying on the support of established publishers,” Piliere says. Her overall goal is to release more “limited-edition publications, zines and posters by contemporary artists and photographers” in the future.

In the meantime, she hopes Animal Chronicles will serve as some light-hearted relief from the chaos of 2020. “[I chose animal portraits because] it reminded me a lot of the ‘cheesy’ calendars I used to get each year from the post office as a kid growing up in France,” she adds, finally. “Looking back at this past year with all its ups and downs and challenges, I feel strongly about the project, and the joy it can provide to start a more optimistic new year.”

Animal Chronicles is available to buy now on the Oui Non Editions website and at Claire de Rouen.