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Photography by Douglas Irvine
Photography by Douglas Irvine

The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries: Week Ten

In our tenth and final instalment of this series, our photographers share one last image created as lockdown measures lift and protests erupt on the streets of London

Lead ImagePhotography by Douglas Irvine

This article is published as part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign:

As part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign – which seeks to champion creativity in this age of social distancing – we have been running a new series titled The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries, where a selection of photographers to send us an image each week, resulting a unique documentation of life in lockdown.

Douglas Irvine

“Happier times are coming?”

Eddie Whelan

“It’s time for new leaders.”

Alexandra Leese

“Blooms in darkness.”

Kuba Ryniewicz

“Self-less portrait as a shadow on red T-shirt, Newcastle 2020.”

Lorena Lohr

“A friend gave me some maraschino cocktail cherries earlier this week. Red cocktail cherries are one of those evocative symbols you see repeated in all kinds of places, a means of introducing mythology to everyday life in some small way. I think that in this time, smaller details have become more heightened, more sacred even.”

Paul Phung

“Silent moments.”