More Prints Added to The Earth Issue’s Black Lives Matter Sale

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Chieska Fortune Smith_Back, 2018
Back, 2018Photography by Chieska Fortune Smith

Last week, The Earth Issue was moved to create a print sale to raise money for Black Lives Matter causes – today, they have added more prints to the sale

Last Friday, The Earth Issue – a collective of artists and creative professionals whose work intersects art and environmentalism – launched a print sale to raise money for Black Lives Matter causes in the UK and the US. Titled The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser, with proceeds split between Bail Funds: George Floyd and the UK-based charity 4FrontProject, the initial round of the sale has already raised over £90,000.

The first prints available came from photographers including Adama Jalloh, Jack Davison, Harley Weir, Samuel Bradley, Alexandra Leese, Amber Pinkerton, Elena Cremona, and Ronan McKenzie, sold for £100 in limited numbers with all the money, after printing and shipping costs, going to the chosen charities. (The Earth Issue will continue to monitor where the money goes “based on needs and recommendations from frontliners in the civil rights struggle”.)

“We were outraged by the murder of of George Floyd at the hands of the police and the continuous way the Government both in the US and the UK systematically continue to fail black people,” The Earth Issue said last week. “We were also frustrated by brands releasing hollow statements of ‘solidarity’ and not acting upon them further than face value. We wanted to mobilise our rage into something constructive to support the Black Lives Matter movement, henceforth The Freedom Fundraiser was created.” 

Today, they have announced a number of new artists whose prints will be available as round two of The Freedom Fundraiser, including Chieska Fortune Smith, Edwin Antonio, Ngadi Smart, Poulomi Basu, Henry Jay Kamara, Olivia Rose and more (in total, there are 90 new prints from photographers across the world). With several of the initial round’s prints selling out fast, head to The Freedom Fundraiser’s website to secure your own print today.

The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser runs for 30 days from June 5, 2020.