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Photography by Lorena Lohr
Photography by Lorena Lohr

The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries: Week Nine

In our ninth – and penultimate – week of this photography series, our photographers share an image from a gradually lifting lockdown

Lead ImagePhotography by Lorena Lohr

This article is published as part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign:

As part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign – which seeks to champion creativity in this age of social distancing – we have been running a new series titled The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries, where a selection of photographers to send us an image each week, resulting a unique documentation of life in lockdown.

Lorena Lohr (lead image)

“Maybe this slowing down will allow people to see more of what already exists around them, things that have been rendered invisible by modern development. Even in big cities there are personal decorative touches that allow people to tell stories though their surroundings. Here is a painted horse with wings under a gas station roof.”

Dougie Irvine

“Exercise outdoors as often as you wish – following social distancing guidelines.”

Alexandra Leese

“How today feels.”

Kuba Ryniewicz

“Solidarity with key workers, Newcastle 2020”

Eddie Whelan

“Dreamscape in 27 05 20.”

Paul Phung

“The calm sea.”