Dreamy Photos of France’s Surfing Communities

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Photography by David Ledoux

Paris-based photographer David Ledoux presents a new series titled Surf’s Up, which shines a light on South-West France’s surf groups

French photographer David Ledoux is interested in subculture. Based in Paris, this interest has recently led him to the South-West of France – specifically the stretch of coast between Hossegor and Saint Jean de Luz – to photograph the region’s surfers. There’s a real sense of community among these groups, something that Ledoux has been very successful at capturing: these men surf together, hang out together and party together. One group has even consructed a beach house from wood they’ve found on the beach. Here, Ledoux presents this series, which he’s titled Surf’s Up, tells us more about this subculture and what led him to photograph it.

“I’ve been surfing for a while and have always wanted to document the lifestyle around it. Recently, I’ve spent more time in the South-West France and have met several different groups of surfers. These men are mostly locals – some are surfing instructors, while others are still at school. Others work in restaurants, or on farms. Surfing is their passion. They are all completely dedicated to it. Some discovered it later on in life and have become addicted. I photographed four different groups in all. They each have favourite a surf spot and can be quite territorial about them. Some groups even have names, such as ALC, Tropical Youth and Nonsense… ALC have been around since 2004 and they get ‘ALC’ tattooed on their body. They’ve built a beach house from wood found they’ve found on the beach. I love the alternative lifestyle of it, and the freedom it represents.”

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