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Photography by Brianna Capozzi

The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries: Week One

As part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign, we have invited nine photographers to send us an image each week, capturing life under lockdown and documenting this unprecedented time

Lead ImagePhotography by Brianna Capozzi

This article is published as part of our #CultureIsNotCancelled campaign:

For photographers, used to training their lenses on people and places the world over, isolation proves a particular challenge. As part of #CultureIsNotCancelled – a campaign on championing culture in the age of social distancing – we have invited eight photographers to send us an image each week for a project titled The Self-Isolation Photographic Diaries, making up a unique and intimate portrait of life under lockdown.

Brianna Capozzi (lead image)

Alice Neale

“My cousin Lola making an arch in Minnesota.”

Dougie Irvine

“Sometimes it’s good to slow down. Check out to check back in. As Timothy Leary said, ‘Grow with the flow.’ These were taken in the garden with Lydia.”

Eddie Whelan

“Self-isolation day two: It feels like we’ve moved into a new flat, in a new city, with new rules.”

Kuba Ryniewicz

“Self-isolation in the back garden. Ups and downs coming to be a bit more polarised. However the starting moments of downs come to be easier to recognise, which helps to stop the darkness getting into me.”

Laura Coulson

“I’ve really come to value and get excited about my one walk a day. Came across this sign yesterday, is this a low-key brilliant Boris Johnson joke or does a man named Boris think everyone has his number?”

Lorena Lohr

“A telephone in Nashville, Tennessee, taken a few years back. The outside world seems to have taken on more significance, and the objects around a room seem to tell even more stories than they did before.”

Paul Phung

“During this time of uncertainty, it’s essential to stay positive and mentally strong. Over the coming months, I’m going to start a new series of work with the available sources I have and use this opportunity to explore new ways of creating, within the constraints of isolation which is a whole new thought process to what I’m used to. I want to allow myself creatively to not only think differently but start a connection which we can all relate to currently being confined in our own spaces. The series will be very experimental but most importantly I want to utilise this time to keep actively thinking in new ways of seeing.”

Alex Leese