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2019_BM_Dec-0801v1 Ben McMahon
Photography by Benjamin McMahon

Christmas, as Seen by Ten Photographers

Ten photographers, whose work has appeared on this year, share images that encapsulate the festive season for them

Lead ImagePhotography by Benjamin McMahon

Benjamin McMahon

“The typical British Christmas party. Bright lights, cheap Prosecco, beige food (on a stick) and Christmas napkins. I can just hear Wham! looking at it.”

Paul Phung

“Christmas for me is a time when I reflect on my work over the past year – the photo I’ve selected is of my friends Edd Arnold and Connor Scott, two of many dancers I’ve worked very closely with over the past year, and this photo reminds me how fortunate I am to work with like-minded creatives and to cherish and show appreciation to your friends and collaborators.”

Lorena Lohr

“This was taken around Christmas nearly ten years ago, an exotic touch in the cold.”

Polly Brown

“How lovely are thy branches.”

Amber Pinkerton

“I took this image on the set of my Dazed project last Christmas. The crew and I were all preparing to shoot our model, Shantae, floating in the river below and I quickly snapped some of them waiting. The space was defined by adventurous kids jumping off large rocks, cascading waterfalls, and greenery in abundance. This encapsulates the festive season for me as I’ve only ever experienced Christmas in the context of my home. My Jamaican Christmas is characterised by sunshine, nature and good friends intertwined with work load.”

Alexander Coggin

“Be it a cherished cousin that you never get to see or a former high school BFF, bedrooms at holiday time are places, quiet and sacred, to take those that have faded from your life a bit and renew your friendship vows. Seeing lots and lots of people, holiday people, can be overwhelming. Best to stay in here and laugh, hug, reminisce.”

Lucie Rox

“Although it was shot in the streets of Bologna, Italy, this summer, the Virgin-like figure and the fairy lights make me think a lot of Christmas time.”

Alexandra Leese

“The Christmas holidays are one of the only times in the year where everyone else is also taking time off, so it’s great time to have a mental break from work and other responsibilities. A time for contemplation and reflection.”

Osma Harvilahti

“The photograph is called 8 elbows and it was shot in Southern Crete during last summer’s festivities. This photo is a small preview of a collaboration between a friend of mine, visual artist Aapo Nikkanen also based in Paris. For me, this photograph reflects my emotional state of this current period of time in life and space.”

Bex Day

“My submission is a photograph of Elizabeth, who in 2017 at the age of 28 was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After the initial shock wore off she threw herself into researching an integrative approach to treatment, having read about the benefits of combining conventional medicine with alternative therapies. But it soon became clear most natural therapies were financially out of her reach and she struggled to find organisations that could help fund her treatment. It was frustrating and frightening being unable to access the resources that could help her recovery simply because she didn’t have enough money. She knew that she didn’t want other people with similar conditions going through the same financial burdens she had faced, experiencing that same sense of hopelessness. It was that thought which pushed Elizabeth to set up the charity HOPE for Chronic Conditions. Their mission is to make alternative treatments and therapies accessible for individuals with chronic conditions by providing financial support. The charity provides hope to those who need it most.”