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London Pride 2019 Sean Alexander Geraghty LGBTQ Photography
Lea Flux and AnthonyPhotography by Sean Alexander Geraghty

Colourful Photographs Capturing the Many Faces of London Pride

Photographer Sean Alexander Geraghty captures London Pride 2019 in a series of portraits for AnOther

Lead ImageLea Flux and AnthonyPhotography by Sean Alexander Geraghty

This weekend, the LGBTQ+ community gathered for London Pride, the carnival-like parade of queer celebration that snakes through London – drawing crowds of more than a million people – before ending in Soho with a day-long street party, and combines colourful festivities with charity, activism and protest. This year has seen a renewed focus on the latter: it is 50 years since the Stonewall riots in New York, often considered the beginning of the modern gay and trans rights movement, and the necessity to remember such pioneers seems particularly prescient as LGBTQ+ rights are threatened around the world. This year’s Pride faced claims of growing commercialisation, pink-washing and the memory of anti-trans rhetoric at last year’s event, but the event nonetheless remains a vital celebration of difference: a rare day in which the LGBTQ+ community is free to express themselves, unbothered by the outside world. Here, in a special series for AnOther, photographer Sean Alexander Geraghty captures the many faces of London Pride in a series of colourful portraits.