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POLLY BROWN AnOther xmas
© Polly Brown

The Festive Season, as Seen by Seven Photographers

Seven of our contributing photographers share an image from their archive which captures the Christmas spirit in one way or another

Lead Image© Polly Brown

Polly Brown

“I walked into the kitchen and this guy was just floating aimlessly along the floor. Half deflated he stared at me and I stared back at him. I had no idea where he had come from but for this brief moment it was just me and him. Next time I went into the kitchen he was gone.”

Ana Cuba

“This photograph was taken during a very, very hot summer evening in Miyajima last year. Funny fact is that I didn’t realise they were actually Santa’s reindeers chilling by the Japanese shores until very recently. Looking back on that moment, some magic was definitely going on in there.”

Alexander Coggin

“My sister-in-law and her son, shot by an adoring uncle (me). No holiday is complete without child meltdowns, fuelled by sugar-and-toy highs. I think they look like Mary and Jesus.”

Pia Riverola

“For me Christmas holiday season means flying back home to Barcelona. Long flight journey to see my family. This photo was taken taking off from Mexico City, where I lived for more than five years, with the views of the Popocateptl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes below us.”

Marie Déhé

“This picture was taken a couple of months ago, and now my daughter is here and we’re going to spend our first Christmas holidays together, as a family.”

Daisy Walker

“The holidays are about connection and love and I’ve filled my year capturing the many faces of love and lovers. Whether you spend your Christmas with the family you were born into, or the family you make for yourself; surround yourself with love and lovers. Just as I have been fortunate to, all year long.”

Mirka Laura Severa

“Emily Baxter is a persona that I created – a fictional author. There are more books coming, and each has a unique point of view and direction. I designed, directed and produced all elements, even the type design on the books. The Sungazer’s Wife is a crime story that happens around Christmas, and to bring it to life I created this video piece, that displays the books in a set inspired by typical shop windows around this time of year. It’s a fictional Christmas gift guide – or however you want to interpret it.”