Five Photographs We Want to Buy from Michael Hoppen Gallery’s Flea Market

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Michael Hoppen Gallery Christmas Flea Market
Ben Mitchell, George Washington BridgeCourtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

A winter wishlist from the Chelsea gallery’s Christmas Flea Market, which opens tomorrow for one weekend only

Tomorrow, December arrives and with it, Christmas shopping. To celebrate, Michael Hoppen Gallery is hosting a Christmas Flea Market this weekend, making a selection of 19th- and 20th-century photographs, frames and photography books from its archives available to buy. Here, ahead of the flea market’s opening, we present a wishlist of photographs featured in the Chelsea gallery’s sale – ideal to gift or indeed keep for yourself.

1. George Washington Bridge (above)

New York’s George Washington Bridge casts a striking silhouette in twilight smog. Ben Mitchell’s photograph taps into the idea of a bridge symbolising escapism, a transition – a loved one about to embark on a new chapter or adventure would appreciate such a shot.

2. End of the Affair

An intensely intimate shot, we catch a glimpse of a relationship’s end through the lens of Richard Dunkley. End of the Affair appears to have a story behind it, which is up to its viewer to fill in (with or without the help of Graham Greene’s wintery 1951 novel of the same name).

3. Skating silhouettes

That most festive of winter activities, ice skating, is captured by an unknown photographer in this cinematic black and white shot. The skaters’ silhouettes are mesmerising, and with the skewed perspective and bright ice comes a distinctly dreamy quality.

4. Armistice Day, Paris 1945

May 8, 1945 – or Victory in Europe Day – saw the end of the Second World War and celebrations erupt across many Allied European cities. An anonymous photographer captured this scene of merriment in Paris on that day, with flags flying and what would later come to be peace signs on show – in this early iteration the V formed by two fingers stood for victory.

5. Flea Circus with Gun Carriage

20th-century photographer Robert Doisneau’s flea circus scene is as charming as it is bizarre. One to gift an enthusiastic entomologist, to display alongside an equally eccentric cabinet of curiosities.

Michael Hoppen Gallery’s Christmas Flea Market is open on December 1 and 2, 2018.