In Praise of Extremely Chic Bathrooms

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Magnificent BathsPhotography by Massimo Listri, Courtesy of Rizzoli

In celebration of National Bubble Bath Day, we look to two books helping to redefine the way we bathe

Sylvia Plath once wrote that “there must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them”. Bathing is of course an age-old practice, but its benefits (as Plath knew well) are not purely functional. And, as with all good things, there is a day each year dedicated to honouring the act: January 8 is National Bubble Bath Day. What better reason to reflect on the best bathrooms that publisher Rizzoli has to offer?

Photographers and interior designers have long known the power of such spaces, as two excellent books – Magnificent Baths and The Perfect Bath, published in 2012 and 2016 respectively – demonstrate. Focusing on privately owned rooms, the first comprises photographs by Massimo Listri of washrooms belonging to artists, writers, and fashion designers, and their innovative and eccentric decors. Think: minimalist stone tubs overlooking expansive cityscapes; a decadent copper bath surrounded by antique toiletries in a room finished with heavy floral curtains.

The Perfect Bath, meanwhile, was penned by certified bathroom expert Barbara Sallick, who co-founded luxury fittings and accessories brand Waterworks and whose publication acts as a guide to creating a chic bathroom. Serene, airy and bright by turns, she makes a case for unforgettable design details – using black wooden panelling behind a white marble sink, for example, or wallpaper illustrated with koi carp. Use for interiors inspiration or simply to while away ten minutes – however you plan on toasting National Bubble Bath Day (from the tub, preferably), perusing these opulent bathrooms will surely stand you in good stead.

Magnificent Baths by Massimo Listri and The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick are available now, published by Rizzoli.