Menswear A/W15: Alister Mackie on Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs A/W15
Marc Jacobs A/W15Unseen outakes from Alister Mackie’s Instagram. Lookbook photography by Arno Frugier.

Stylist Alister Mackie discusses the unexpected combination of romance and soft luxury in his latest Marc Jacobs collaboration, the A/W15 lookbook

Oversized cardigans worn under giant shawls, plenty of terry merino jumpers and a spattering of leopard print – the Marc Jacobs A/W15 lookbook is a mishmash of comfort and luxury, influenced by the brand's New York roots and the city's unique combination of bohemia and classic Americana. Here we speak to longtime Marc Jacob's collaborator and Another Man creative director Alister Mackie to find out more about the brand's evolution and his inspirations when styling the shoot, accompanied by unseen outakes from his Instagram of the lookbook shot by Arno Frugier.

Who/what were your inspirations for the moodboard?
Marc Jacobs to me always has to have an element of New York about it. So we were looking at New York actors like Sean Penn and Willem Dafoe, intense characters that had that artistic, intellectual style. We liked the idea of an actors' studio – perhaps something one would wear to rehearse in – so the clothes were very easy and comfortable and sheltering at the same time.

"We were looking at New York actors like Sean Penn and Willem Dafoe for inspiration – intense characters that have that artistic, intellectual style" – Alister Mackie

How did that influence the styling of the collection?
I liked very much the styling of the jogging pants with the belted coat, mixing pyjamas with very luxurious winter coats. The waffle knit underpieces were oversized which gave it an easy, loose, untucked attitude. Then there was a section that you could consider eveningwear, but in the Marc Jacobs aesthetic we styled them with trainers so as to always have that casual or offbeat feel about it.

How has it changed/developed from previous seasons?

With the Marc Jacobs collection, it evolves. It’s about making very high quality pieces that look very undressy or unshowy but are incredibly luxurious. They look and feel comfortable as though you are already familiar with them.

Where do the flowers (on the moodboard) come into play?
I was interested in a print which would be familiar, and I imagined that it would be something that one would find in an interior of a guy like that's house. Something a little bit bohemian/artisanal.