Surf’s Up: Saint Laurent’s Latest Project Celebrates Surf Culture

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Saint Laurent Rive Droite / Dawn Patrol by Anthony Vaccarell
Saint Laurent Rive Droite / Dawn Patrol by Anthony VaccarelloCourtesy of Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent launches a new lifestyle project, designed to promote surf culture – and fund a beach-cleaning operation

While Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello is best known for being a master of seduction, crafting sensual, sexual all-noir clothes with an indie-rock bent, his latest project is slightly different. Entitled Dawn Patrol, this ‘lifestyle’ project is designed to celebrate surf culture through a range of specially designed products – including perhaps the most luxurious surfboard money can buy.

Taking place from September 4 – 6, 2020, on the beach of Les Estagnots in Seignosse, south-west France, Dawn Patrol comes under the Saint Laurent Rive Droite wing of the house – which, to the uninitated, represents “an amusing and chic version of today’s Saint Laurent universe”. The project will extend to the restaurant La Cabane des Estagnots, which is located on the very same beach, and involve a beach-cleaning operation, organised with local associations in partnership with Ocean52.

But this isn’t the first time that Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello has strayed from the traditional ‘fashion-fashion’ path, stretching our conception of what the house can be – last year, also under the Saint Laurent Rive Droite line, he launched a range of ‘goodies’ that included, art, photography, skateboards, snowglobes and even a vintage arcade machine.

Head to the gallery below to see the Saint Laurent surfboards in use.