What Might Miles Davis Want for Christmas?

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For the penultimate edition of the Another Man advent calendar, a selection of suggested gifts for the most discerning of jazz musicians

Miles Davis was a man of notoriously few words – but when he did impart his wisdom upon the world, it was always with a great poignancy. Conscientiousness remained a constant thread woven throughout his life, from the way he produced his exquisite compositions for the trumpet right down to his sartorial decision-making. Significantly inspired by filmstars Fred Astaire and Cary Grant, he referred to his own astute style as the “quasi-black English look” – one created with purpose and a razor sharp precision. So what to buy for the man who always knows exactly what he wants?

Another Man approached the challenge with relish: first of all, a pair of headphones from Master & Dynamic, to allow for Davis to reminisce over his Christmas composition Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern), as featured on the 1962 compilation Jingle Bell Jazz; to cater to a proclivity for psychedelic prints, an acid red and cobalt blue neck scarf by Rockins and pair of hallucinogenic snake-scattered trousers by Roberto Cavalli; appealing to his love of suit customisation and embellishment, a wine-red jersey top by Wales Bonner, decorated with cowrie shells and detailed with diamanté. And finally, to complete the selection, a pair of suitably 70s sunglasses from General Eyewear and a comb by L’Officine Universelle Buly 1803, for a perfected coiffure.

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