Imagining William Burroughs' Christmas Wishlist

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We ponder which gifts the legendary postmodernist author might hope to find under his tree on Christmas morning, with a little help from Another Man

The month of December would feel somewhat lacking without the return of Another Man’s Fantasy Advent Calendar: a festive schedule dreamt up in collaboration with photographer Gareth Powell, envisioning what some of the most iconic cultural characters throughout history might be gifted for the holiday. To begin 2016’s edition, the team have chosen to wish a Merry Christmas to beat writer William S. Burroughs, a figurehead famed for defining a literary movement, alongside his plethora of sartorial idiosyncrasies.

Famously stating, “There are all sorts of things you can do with a cane,” Burroughs would relish the opportunity to wield one at any given moment. Suitably, then, he’d be delighted to unwrap an umbrella from James Smith & Sons, detailed with a wolf’s head handle in homage to the first book he penned at age eight: The Autobiography of a Wolf. A controversial lover of weaponry (at the same age he wrote his first novel, he also fired his first gun), a bullet shell belt by Elliot Rhodes would truly satisfy his hoplophilia. Appealing to Burroughs' penchant for perennially smart attire, a striped tie by Hugo Boss and houndstooth blazer from Ralph Lauren also make an appearance under his imaginary tree, alongside a black fedora hat from Lock & Co, with a pencil fittingly attached to the brim in preparation for stream-of-consciousness scribbling.

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