What AnOther Loves This Week: Stapler Whales & Unique Decor

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Characterful desk adornments and a Juergen Teller rug top this week's @anotherloves edit

This week is National Stationery Week; in other words, the perfect excuse to reassess and update your desk accoutrements. As any design lover will tell you, just because an object is functional, that doesn't lessen its necessity to be aesthetically pleasing – which is where this excellent Italian stapler comes into its own. Rather wonderfully resembling a whale, and available in myriad hues, it is available from London stationers Present & Correct, who expand, "You can see why these staplers are used in offices all over Italy. They're bright, smart and no nonsense. The solid blocks of colour are just perfect for keeping paper neat or ravioli sealed."

No sitting room or study is complete without a finely scented candle to set the mood (and disguise the smell of pets, cigarettes and/or burnt food), and what better choice than one which looks as good as it smells? Enter Oil by Tom Dixon: a deliciously rich and woody candle that blends notes of cypress, guaiacwood and styrax and is encased in an unique glass vessel, shaped and painted to resemble "the lustrous effect of petrol on water or a dragonfly wing."

Swedish painter and collage artist Calle Henzel branched out into the art of carpetry in 2009, founding his own luxury handmade rug brand Henzel Studio.  Since then he has teamed up with some of the world's most renowned contemporary artists to create an amazing selection of unique rugs and pillows. Our favourite of these is his 2009 collaboration with iconic fashion photographer Juergen Teller to produce a carpeted version of Teller's famous nude portrait of Vivienne Westwood – depicted reclining majestically on a delicately embroidered sofa – made from hand knotted wool and silk. Seven years later and we're still working out how to get our hands on one!

When Dover Street Market launched their Haymarket store, they invited some of their friends and family to create special pieces exclusively for the occasion – and Molly Goddard’s DSM Special Dress (Tartan White) is one of the greatest on offer. It is Goddard’s grown-up girlishness at its finest, all frills and ruffles and ruching, but with an underlying elegance that is utterly covetable. When Rei Kawakubo saw Goddard’s S/S16 collection "she said that she liked the tartan dresses and that I should make more,” Goddard told us a few months ago. "But I haven't... maybe I'll do some for Haymarket.” She has, and we’re sure that Kawakubo approves.

Maison Margiela never errs on the side of caution, long-celebrated as it is for its originality and daring in the art of design. Which is why, when you stumble upon a paperweight by the fashion house, you know it won't be run-of-the-mill. Sure enough, they subverted the humble breeze resistor by encasing a glass sandtimer within its resin sphere. To top it off, each time you set the timer, the shift of sand sets the ball rolling. Practical? No. Fabulous? Oui.