A Raw Take on Food Art

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From veggie Crayolas to a salami View-Master, food meets everyday objects to brilliant effect in this week’s Happy Monday

What happens when food art gets raw? Vancouver-based graphic designer Matija Erceg combines food – especially raw meat and vegetables – and everyday objects to create humorously compelling designs, getting us to reflect on our dietary habits. Unassumingly named Serious Design, his website is a mash-up of food art and painstaking Photoshop tweaks. Inspired by an image of a pair of flip-flops made out of meat, Erceg set out to induce similar reactions of enjoyable revulsion in other people via his original and colourful creations. Amid his edible designs are a bacon telephone, a butter-soft camera, a pear tennis ball and a set of veggie crayons. Here we bring you our choice of delightfully bizarre food designs to brighten up your Monday.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday