Joséphine de La Baume on Her Band Film Noir’s New Single, Brûlant

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Film Noir, Brûlant, 2019 (Still) Joséphine De La Baume
Film Noir, Brûlant, 2019 (Still)

Joséphine de La Baume, the frontwoman of Film Noir, discusses Brûlant and the conflicting emotions that inspired it – watch the video for the song here

Today, the French rock band Film Noir premiered the video for their new single, Brûlant

“The song is about an irreverent adventure which is the more ironic and sensual face of the amorous despair encountered in the video and lyrics of La Mariée (vague à l'âme), our previous single,” the frontwoman of the band, Joséphine de La Baume, tells AnOther over email.

“It’s the story of a broken woman who tries to find love in people’s arms to heal herself from the pain of her heartbreak and gain her power back, however confusing that could be on a traditional level, the lyrics are more about how empowering it is for her.”

Produced by Cundo Bermudez (No Age, Ty Segall), mixed by Samy Osta (La Femme) and with guitars from Cole Alexander (Black Lips), Brûlant is lifted from Film Noir’s upcoming EP (out November 15) and exemplifies the band’s sound, which De La Baume describes as “a mix of garage rock mixed with rock ballads”. 

“Some tunes are quite angry and cathartic and others are extremely sad and nostalgic, which is the same kind of waves your heart goes through after a heartbreak, a recurring theme in this EP,” she goes on. “The shock, the regrets, the longing, the anger, the fall, the tenderness, the power – all these themes are quite explicit both musically and lyrically in this project.” 

While De La Baume has been a musician for a while – she was previously a member of Singtank with her brother Alexandre de La Baume and drummer Alberto Cabrera – she has been part of Film Noir for a year and a half now. Since forming, the band have played across France, as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States – which has actually been a key part of the process of recording their music. “We wanted to play and figure the songs live as much as possible before recording them,” explains de La Baume.

As for the video for Brûlant, which can be viewed (and listened to) below, De La Baume says the video reflects the mental state she was in – not literally, but rather her state of mind: “Wanting to gain your power back by being independent and on top of your decisions and interactions but never really feeling satisfied as you can’t hide from your pain.” She worked with director Sergei Rostropovich on the video, who was tasked with helping her channel these “conflicting” emotions into the medium of film.

Up next, Film Noir are playing at the Moth Club in London on November 8, at La Maroquinerie in Paris with Black Lips on November 21, and at La Boule, also in Paris, on November 22. Follow Film Noir and Joséphine de La Baume on Instagram to stay up to date with the band’s news.