Mirror Sculptures to Make You Look and Look Again

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Pink With YellowPhotography by Sarah Meyohas

Tumble into the abyss with artist Sarah Meyohas' endlessly reflexive mirror sculptures

New York-based artist Sarah Meyohas has been turning heads of late. Her newest artistic endeavour – a series of performances taking place at New York’s 303 Gallery, wittily entitled Stock Performance – sees the artist making paintings in accordance with the progression of her trades in the New York Stock Exchange. As market capitalisation rises and falls, so too do the lines that she creates. The work, the gallery explains, “is an index of her movement, physically in the gallery and virtually in her ownership. Each painting is one of many financial records, but unique as an artwork.”

Financial conjecture isn’t the total sum of Meyohas’ work, however. In her series Speculations, the artist creates a string of sculptures by placing two mirrors opposite one another, facing inwards, and arranging various items – from rose petals and branches of yellow blossom, to a haze of blue smoke and a pair of hands – so that they appear endlessly reflexive. The result is an oddly hypnotic portrait of nature duplicated ad infinitum, repeating to the point that it becomes abstracted into darkness. The effect is mesmerising – and with her name causing waves on New York’s art scene, we can expect to see a lot more of it this year.

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The canvases created as a result of Sarah Meyohas’ piece Stock Performance will be on display at New York’s 303 Gallery until January 30, 2016.