Five Good Things: Green on Pink to Imaginary Cabins

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Courtesy of @plantsonpink

Present & Correct picks the best of this week's art on the web

Plants on pink is our current favourite Insta-follow. Embrace the power of green on pink with their daily photos from around the world.

Cardboard America is huge online archive of old postcards from across the States. Retro food, iconic signage, modernist chalets. They’re all there and will make you long for a holiday to yesteryear.

Cardboard sculptress extraordinaire Chrissie Macdonald has created some prototypes to enhance life at secondary school (for girls). The models include a signature forger, a boy detector and an instant data headset. A grades guaranteed!

For fans of The Simpsons we recommend this tumblr which showcases every sign featured in the long running series. Great for the less eagle-eyed among us, it is full of classic gags and topical wit.

As fans of a cabin we are obliged to love the work of Lorenz Estermann. She makes brilliant little models of huts and fictional abodes, any of which we would happily reside in.