AnOther's Favourite Frontmen

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Kurt Cobain chosen by Laura Allsop
Kurt Cobain chosen by Laura Allsop

We present a gallery of our velvet clad, spandex sporting, Brylcreemed rock icons. Who's your favourite?

The latest issue of Another Man is a celebration of rock and roll, featuring music icons who resonate in our times and whose music soundtracks our lives. Today we launch our exclusive playlist, made up of songs chosen by issue stars including Alex Turner, Bobby Gillespie, Jake Bugg, Richard Hell, Swim Deep and Sky Ferreira. Each was asked “which song best represents you,” and the eclectic answers range from Joe Cocker’s The Letter to Lydia Loveless and the Rolling Stones.

Now the AnOther and Another Man teams are also getting involved, choosing their Favourite Rock'n'Roll Frontmen, a project that has uncovered passions past and present, some to be expected, others more unusual. Here we present our gallery of velvet clad, spandex sporting, Brylcreemed heartthrobs, but have we missed anyone out? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AnotherManPlaylist.

Laura Allsop, deputy editor: Kurt Cobain – beautiful, tortured, more modest than any frontman should be. And rocked plaid like no other.

Laura Bradley, commissioning editor: It has to be Jarvis Cocker. His conversation with his audience, his trademark appearance and his unique movement make him a brilliant frontman. I remember missing Bruce Springsteen perform on the main stage at Glastonbury to watch Jarvis perform. He told a brilliant anecdote about his his glasses are attached to his head with elastic, in case one was wondering how they stayed in place while he was throwing his body around in time to the music.

Agata Belcen, fashion editor: Freddie Mercury from Queen – I love his devotion to costume and performance.

Tish Wrigley, editorial assistant: Jimi Hendrix had everything. The untamable hair, the immeasurable talent, the significant dash of hedonism and an unparalleled ability to make plum velvet look awesome.

Thea Charlesworth, photographic producer: Marc Bolan – "Get it on" is one of the all time greatest tracks, T.Rex is one of the best names for a band, and he's a true rock and roll star.

Ellie Grace Cumming, fashion editor: Elvis Presley. He is the original and ultimate frontman, sending girls worldwide into a frenzy with his dulcet voice, charm, charisma, dance moves and the romance surrounding him. His on-stage attire is a constant source of inspiration, especially his 'looks' by Nudie Cohn. Elvis has and will always have a place in my heart.

Olena Slyesarenko, production assistant: My favourite frontman has to be Robert Plant – a king of the stage with the wildest hair completing the look of nonchalant attitude and ultimate florals. Wish I'd been there to see him sing 'Since I've been loving you' 40 years ago.

Leila McGlew, digital marketing assistant: Mick Jagger. I first saw him when I was going through my dad's records, but I fell totally in love with him when I saw him on the Stones Forty Licks tour, despite the gulf in age. It's the energy – no one else has it quite like him.

Mhairi Graham, fashion coordinator: Jim Morrison, like those who join him in the 27 Club, has never aged. We have never watched him grow old or tired. He lives on forever as a ragged youth with his abundant curly hair, Dennis Roberts sunglasses and free spirit.

Emma Corbett, fashion assistant: Prince is my ultimate frontman. He has it all – the charisma, the musical talent, the fashion and those dance moves!

Daisy Woodward, editorial assistant: For me, David Byrne has this one in the bag – for his inimitable dancing and style, perfectly exemplified by his hypnotic grooving in a giant, postmodern suit for Stop Making Sense. Not to mention the brilliant higgledy-piggledy quality of his voice.