Top 10 Another Man Moments

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Another Man S/S12Photography by Nick Knight, Styling by Alister Mackie

Creative Director Alister Mackie talks us through his top 10 moments from the past decade of Another Man

This week has seen 10 years of Another Man Magazine celebrated through a wonderfully psychedelic party hosted in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood's new UNISEX range. To continue the festivity that a decade of publishing deserves, Creative Director Alister Mackie brings us his top ten moments from the magazine, from Nick Knight and Alasdair McLellan to Jarvis Cocker and Willem Defoe, and explains the stories behind the shoots.

Nick Knight and Kate Moss, S/S12
"This was an especially enjoyable day, fitting Kate into her couture coral bespoke outfit made by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen for Another Man – and then seeing her bring it to life up on the podium with a blasting Tina Turner soundtrack. She looked like a sort of 60s superhero, almost like Raquel Welch in 20,000 BC, and Nick brought out a softer side of her. These are very intimate and very magical pictures."

Nick Knight A/W05
"This was an epic shoot based on a prince and the pauper idea, and Nick brought in these amazing images of exploding paint. The layout was incredible: Nick printed the images out and stapled them together and rephotographed them. It all had a punk meets Derek Jarman attitude and it was regal yet gritty and said something about elegance and the ceremony of dress. This set the standard for some very strong collaborations with Nick Knight."

Nick Knight and Lucy and Bart A/W10
"This is when things really got exciting, when we had live artists Lucy and Bart in the studio making creations out of household stuff that we put together with clothes by more avant-garde designers like Rick Owens and Comme des Garcons. It was a really spontaneous, think-on-your-feet moment with lots of models and dancers and complete chaos in the studio."

Nick Knight A/W07
"For this project with Nick I worked extensively with a corset maker who had worked on wedding dresses at Alexander McQueen and we developed men's underwear from all the recycled components used to make lingerie. This was a total step into the unknown. We also commissioned London designers known for womenswear like Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh and Marios Schwab to make a lingerie piece for a man – with great results. The pieces themselves are so unusual and beautiful that many of them are framed as artworks."

Nick Knight and Ben Whishaw S/S07
"I love this shoot because Ben looks like a young Keith Richards. I love how the clothes are hanging off him on the cover with a beautiful yellow silk background. We listened to the Cocteau Twins all day which, to my surprise, was Ben Whishaw’s favourite band."

Alaisdair McLellan A/W11
"This was the first big shoot I had done with Alasdair McLellan for a while, and it really felt like a meeting of the minds between me, him and Anthony Turner who was doing hair. We had such a good time doing it that I think it’s obvious in the pictures. Jess Hallet had found us this incredible boy who was so much more than we expected. I think those pictures are some of my favourites."

Alaisdair McLellan A/W12
"It was a real privilege to do this shoot and I’m really grateful to Alastair for getting on board with the project. We journeyed back to Scotland to the places where I used to live and then to Glasgow to the Art School. We met the new students along the way as well as my old friend Jim Lambie who offered up his new space as a location."

Willy Vanderperre and Willem Defoe A/W12
"This cover is really special for me; to have an actor of that gravitas and to have Willy Vanderperre back on board, and the start of many magnificent covers with him. For this shoot, we flew to Rome and revisited the idea of a vampire which felt very appropriate for Willem. It was also a good moment to show what I was doing with Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton with the big wrap blankets which made for a really dramatic, expensive looking cover. This issue was also a turning point for me because we started to work with Laura Genninger at Studio 191 and saw our pages being elevated."

Willy Vanderperre S/S15
"I really like streetcasting and delving into the different scenes of London; that’s what make styling exciting for me. So, for this shoot we cast guys from the Cave Club in London which is a really interesting 60s psychedelic night where all the guys and girls just look amazing. It was doubly special because we shot the story at the 100 Club, which is one of London’s most legendary venue and somewhere that I always wanted to do a party. Since, then the Cave Club has actually moved to the 100 Club. We all went there on my birthday and had a great night."

Willy Vanderperre and Jarvis Cocker S/S12
"This shoot was really one of those absurd yet amazing moments that you find yourself in. I’ve been trying for years to get Jarvis to do a shoot and finally he agreed – but only if we shot in a cave in the Peak District. Of course, we went for it and I had several designers including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Gucci make bespoke suits especially for him. Obviously he looked fantastic and, with the addition of the travelling disco lights and his music and in the cave, it felt like we were making a really out-there science fiction documentary for the BBC."