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super/collider is a London-based collective which explores science and ecology through the creative industries.

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Magnified Grass

White Cliffs, Pamukkale, Turkey

Patch of Sky

Voyager Golden Record

9 Loves

A recording of earth sounds sent into deep space in 1977 aboard the twin Voyager probes – contains instructions for use, details about earth, greetings in 59 languages and music ranging from classical to Chuck Berry.

Loved by super/collider and 8 othersaarolilypod, maggie black, yasmine, Sarah.Franz, Laura Allsop, Isabelle Gill, tz-n, Gabi Levy
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Hasselblad 500 'HEDC' NASA

21 Loves

An Austrian auction house claims this is the only camera that was used on the moon then brought back to earth. Auction is 21-22 March, current bid is €80,000.

Loved by super/collider and 20 othersblake, Marta Represa, An Muller, marcus, ccny, Raven Smith, micky, jessaphina, yamsha, epougy, Tish Wrigley, Yezin Carrillo, Jorjia Gillis, Sarah.Franz, Ellie Grace Cumming, Karine Casali, Cath Nonie Bouverat, Mechanic, Justin von der Fehr, clairecliche
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25 Loves

Deeptime by Gina Glover

New York under water

Iridescent clouds above Bangalore

82 Loves

A shimmering, iridescent sky above Bangalore, India. As the cumulonimbus cloud at bottom began to rapidly grow a golden pileus cloud took shape. The iridescent colors were clearly visible for about 10 minutes. In order for iridescence to occur cloud droplets in the vicinity of the Sun must, in general, have similar sizes and be randomly spaced. If the droplets are nearly identical in size the resulting colors are particularly pure.

Photo and explanation by Raqqasah Shruti Chakravarti.

Loved by super/collider and 81 othersLuke Spice, Mandi Lennard, Daniella Negromonte, mish, blake, meggg, Marta Represa, An Muller, Pmarincola, helena-le, ccny, Augustine Wong,, Patsy, maggie black, Miss Law, Lianne, jessaphina, kasey orban, yasmine, Cassandra, yamsha, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Lianna Sheppard, Dionne E, danielle, Helene Lai, ras, bettypage2000, aysesensoy, kelly zan-marie, IrmaLaDouce, KRAMTSEW, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, longlasheslynn, Meghna Majumdar, lucy.anstey, dyannahvampira, Esther Berry, hoipoloi, Azza Hassan, Dal, Samuel, Dena Mooney, kruegeresque, Jadi, Yezin Carrillo, Anna Kent, Dalila Pasotti, luiluv, Anna Morris, Daisy Woodward, Sarah.Franz, Marta Odachowska, Roxanne Bauwens, kingy, YoungZ, Cecilia Dossan, C Richardson, Kanako, Vasilina, bronte, Bridget Grant, montsebalmori, Ellie Grace Cumming, Molly Molloy, Richard Kilroy, Maggie Duffy, kika, biendansmapeau, India Van Spall, Victoria Scott, Angeline Chan, Ash2071, Svetana, Justin von der Fehr, Aamina Simone, Marikit, annemarijnlouise
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Better coffee through chemistry

La Carte d'après Nature (French edition)

11 Loves

Thomas Demand

25 cm x 34 cm
Printed linen hardback with booklet in an envelope

ISBN 978-1-907946-01-1

Published by MACK

Loved by super/collider and 10 othersLuke Spice, Laura Mackness, blake, erin, Laura Bradley, Marilyn Baker, Dina Lun, eleanorwing, lolochung, Matheus Yehudi
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A new nova in southern skies