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The Roller Coaster and the Sea

Ida Bakke Kristiansen:How am I supposed to live without you, now that I’ve been loving you so long?

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The most beautiful script of the most beautiful love songs.
Shown at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Loved by Aurora Aspen and 8 othersaarolilypod, jessaphina, schwarzhogerzeil, OdileJans, wonder underground, naama baror, Raby's in the detail, Klara Klueckmann
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Dunes by Ren Hang

The Kiss in Syria



Jeff Koons in Twinkies by Sarah Anne Ward

I take a shower, I'll be right back, concrete and leather, size 9, 2013

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We worked with Justin MORIN , the talented artist behind this work (in collaboration with Ets Callatay) for our showroom this week in Paris for URiBE Jewellery. Come and see!

Loved by Tiffany Phillips and 12 othersvitaviolenta, RIeCHvARaDSn, marzia, kasey orban, naama baror, Roxanne Bauwens, Anna Te Pe, Nênê Pires, Lulu Yao, Natasha Maidment, Andy Buck, clairecliche
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Blur, 1993

Madonna's pyramid jacket

Lucid Stead by Phillip K. Smith III

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a striking and original piece of installation art in the desert near Joshua Tree, California that has been turning heads due to the graceful and beautiful way in which it interacts with its environment.

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