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Swan Tunnel, Japan

'The New Rules of Public Art'

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An organisation born in Bristol, UK, Situations reimagines what public art can be and where and when it can take place. We like to think and reflect on what happens when the spark of an idea is lit. We test out new ways in which to share those ideas through new commissions, events, interviews, books and blogs – just like this.The New Rules of Public Art have been declared and are now published in this beautiful pocket-sized rulebook.

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laetitia Casta

Silvery Jane and Serge

Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh

Kate Moss & Lucie de la Falaise in the bath by Bruce Weber

Leo and Kate

Chrome Hearts, worn by Madonna

Faye Dunaway, 1977


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Some of the most vain characters you will ever meet are graffiti writers. When Krink teamed up withTom Sachs to create a special edition marker set, Sachs surprised Krink by creating “Vanity.” The stand was built using NYPD barricades and made in an edition of 2, with each including a drilled “dock” to hold the entire product line.

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Be Fabulous: Roxanne Lowit