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Untitled, Dan Flavin

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1972–73. Yellow and green fluorescent light, edition 1/3, 8 ft. (244 cm) high, in a corridor measuring 8 ft. (244 cm) high hand 8 ft. (244 cm) wide; length variable. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York,Panza Collection

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Bouquet by Rambert Fleurs

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“For the mulling mamas, bird lovers, word nerds and hearth huggers. As useful and as comforting as a worn in pair of work gloves, this is a site you can dig into. It is the anti-eye candy. It is my homepage. I go here to get my daily hues.”

The picture above is a Wind Map of the United States, found on

Loved by Michelle Williams and 22 othersNancy Waters, Agata Belcen, Liam,, anna_atf, aarolilypod, kasey orban, chordtocolor, Leila McGlew, Laura Bradley, Marilyn Baker, sefhv, Tish Wrigley, Mhairi Graham, Nathalie Olah, jodie-leeyoung, Sarah.Franz, Noelia Terron-Laya, aienlemence, Laura Allsop, autumnwinter, bronte
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Tobacco Guernsey Sweater

Scissors by Jim Golden

Dachshund by Andy Warhol

Jane Birkin's pink dress

Illuminated, 2012, Jules de Balincourt

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This new body of painting work addresses the uncertainties of contemporary human life. The viewer may be unable to discern whether the burst of color over the ocean in Fireworks signals a celebration or an artillery explosion.

Loved by Dimitra Sotirchos and 22 othersmoonlake, An Muller, aarolilypod, dpskg, aliya, ela27, chordtocolor, epougy, Torie, Dionne E, ras, aysesensoy, OdileJans, Tish Wrigley, Mlin Pek, Carolina Delgado, jodie-leeyoung, Sarah.Franz, Roxanne Bauwens, Emma Sutton, efdygn, dvec
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TONAL nails

Sacred Scarab Beetle earrings by Rosita Bonita

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Sacred scarab beetles roll up the morning sun.
Foil-embossed leather scarabs with golden studded eyes & fringed tails of gold & silver plated paddles, hang from dainty golden hooks

Loved by Georgina Bolton and 15 othersanna_atf, ororo, elifcanyasa, chordtocolor, Ella Deer, Marilyn Baker, Dalila Pasotti, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, Sarah.Franz, Roxanne Bauwens, aienlemence, mitziga, autumnwinter, Alexa Iønescu
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Blue Skies, Joseph Pielichaty

'Piebald' Python