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Lights at the Corner Room, Town Hall Hotel

Garden Chair 1937

Lipstick Inspectors in the 1940s

Large scale nude installation by Spencer Tunick

Beet & Goat Cheese Parfait

Floating staircase

The 'Room of Fashions and Graces' Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg

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In 1764 Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallin de la Mothe, using 368 female portraits painted by Pietro Rotari, covered the walls from top to bottom with canvases separated only by thin strips of gilded frame.

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Gauzy Lace Socks

Cheekbones by Marlene Dietrich, 1932

Holy Hands by Charlotte Krieger

Italy by Leo Berne

Josef Albers teaches at Black Mountain College

Gold Necklace by Acne Studios

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky by Bing Wright

Happy 73rd birthday Vivienne Westwood