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Maurizio Zucchi's Cacti Lounge

URiBE Shot by Hannah Rose for Contributor Magazine

9 Loves

A beautiful still life of glasses of milk & glossy gold jewellery, shot by Hannah Rose and featuring BRIAN by URiBE @studiouribe

Loved by Tiffany Phillips and 8 othersmimixx, aarolilypod, loewenherzlionheart, Tish Wrigley, cejenesaisquoi, Mary Casella, Sarah Beth Tagget, ecemSNY
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Tiny Embroidered Fawn

Louise Bourgeois's Limited-Edition Rug


13 Loves

Backstage posters, campaign prints, photo prints in a handmade box.

Loved by Kin Woo and 12 othersAn Muller, Carola Bruno, loewenherzlionheart, Annoushka Giltsoff, Dal, cejenesaisquoi, Friederike Zenner, Laura Homsi, Valentina Rosas, Aamina Simone, MateaLoves, ecemSNY
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Celine business card in wood

Cigarette Necklace Holder

Martin Creed, Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Dress like you listen to Sinatra, act like you listen to Pac

Marble Surfboards by Alexander Wang & Haydenshapes

Terrapin Stationers

You Should Have Loved Me

Plants by Polly Brown

19 Loves

A photographic monograph focusing on the
potted plants found in the offices of the world’s most iconic brands. Published by Pau Wau publications.

Loved by Laura Bradley and 18 othersPaula Robles, An Muller, Lucia Davies, loewenherzlionheart, kasey orban, emmasibley, Dal, anabgl_, Daisy Woodward, cejenesaisquoi, Mary Casella, bronte, Andrew Blyszak, Lilja Hrönn, Aamina Simone, Arabella, Al Macello, tessavmcd
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