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Paper Shoes by Le Creative Sweatshop

David Morris Natural Melo Pearl ring with yellow diamonds

IMK Bex Cuff by Rebecca Schiffman

Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

Tony Meeuwissen playing cards

Sculpture by Jordan Askill

Rodarte Lame Skirt

the artist and his model: SURVEILLANCE T-SHIRT BY COMMUNE

LOS2 Light by Los!Concepts

17 Loves

One half of the Los#2 light hovers above the other by using repelling magnets.

Loved by Alistair Allan and 16 othersAn Muller, mmm, bjornsolarin, Rachel, Maya Anya, Natsuko, carmen90210, A L-B, mold, katia hakko, Imogenia, eric esquire, Ultima Thule, weesani, Nênê Pires, moli
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Plug and Socket Duo Ring by Anna Yu of YU YU Design

Centenary suitcase

36 Loves

The material has been made in the same way since its invention in 1850, and the suitcases are all hand-made in England using the original Victorian machinery.

Loved by Alistair Allan and 35 othersLuke Spice, Mae Delaney, Agata Belcen, Kin Woo, Carl Ganivet, Samantha Lim, kagrombach, bjornsolarin, dun, Dori K., tjornina, Sonakshi, drzoidy, akxkiddo, DanielaBDS, Monike, bigpat, viv_blank, alessandra.fanizzi, carmen90210, ReeceAdam, roccoreece, tashamam, Anzej_Dezan, Fernanda Tárano, erin-elena, Roxanne Bauwens, fralenuvole, Catalina_R, e_type, Ultima Thule, Burchett, Nênê Pires, Fashion Freak, clairecliche
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Monocle x Delvaux newspaper bag

Gold Shirt Collar Necklace