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OPENHOUSE magazine.

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OPENHOUSE is a multi-use creative space in Barcelona, where owners Andrew and Mari hold dinner parties and workshops. Their new magazine - on sale soon - was developed as a window into this world.
In the first issue they talk to Bless founder Mira Shröder, Tony Horneker whose London home doubles up as a restaurant and Jo Nagasaka, who runs a studio-come-performance space which also acts as a camping ground.

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Domino Sugar Refinery

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one of New York City’s architectural icons and once the largest sugar refinery in the world, Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Refinery is soon to be demolished to make way for luxury apartments.

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Belly Smackin Good Cat Print by Jamie Shelman

Horace the Housebroken Hare, 1956

Snail art by Elene Usdin

Voyager Golden Record

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A recording of earth sounds sent into deep space in 1977 aboard the twin Voyager probes – contains instructions for use, details about earth, greetings in 59 languages and music ranging from classical to Chuck Berry.

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Alain Delon

'Conversation pieces'

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