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M/M (Paris)'s latest exhibition opens today at Gallery Libby Sellers, London

Loved by M/M (Paris) and 13 othersDan Thawley, Cristina Mazzocca, Carol G., Marta Represa, myyahaira, Dionne E, Marilyn Baker, VanillaRoyal, insania, Tish Wrigley, Sarah.Franz, erinsspace, autumnwinter
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Balenciaga S/S 13 Headpiece

Installation by artist Manuel Ameztoy


Kenzo Bijoux bt Delfina Delettrez A/W12

Kiki de Montparnasse Le Reve Romper

Unearthen andromae necklace

Isabel Marant hamilton embroidered top

Etoile earrings by Givenchy

Grey Faceted Vase Lamp by Best & Lloyd

Field Candy Tents

Chanel Mirrors

Prada plexiglas clip earrings

Bubbles lingerie from Agent Provocateur

Cloud Installation by Berndnaut Smilde

112 Loves

Using a method first developed in 2010, Smilde created “NIMBUS II”, a raincloud that hovers in an indoor space.

Loved by olena and 111 othersDiane Pernet, miamoda, Daniella Negromonte, sol, blake, Stuart White, moonlake, meggg, Marta Represa, An Muller, Merrie, maja, sandra, serra, Mari, tjornina, Renata Gadelha, iphotoproyekt, Gem, ellamthenry, edyta, Yukko Cat, sheepskin, Fe, Sonakshi, luca:f, aarolilypod, carrie, maggie black, drzoidy, dpskg, Tasha, Daniel L., pherber888, aliya, viola arisci, jessaphina, kasey orban, bigpat, luce14, epougy, Laura Bradley, danielle, bru, Alla, ras, aysesensoy, IrmaLaDouce, lox, Jessica Ellen, Olivia, eva92, deplaced, OdileJans, anastasyak, VanillaRoyal, Meghna Majumdar, lucy.anstey, Bushra Ali, dyannahvampira, Eva Luisa Fresa, leewaxty, maz, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Tish Wrigley, Patricia Gaye Tapp, blackdotworldarchive, kruegeresque, demetrios, joj oh !, Makoto Kishino, serge sanchis, Jadi, Lana Elie, moetical, melikenur, melisgunkes, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, Daisy Woodward, OhJuliette, Sarah.Franz, oliverz, Giulia, aienlemence, carro666, Cecilia Dossan, MaisiePandora, jia3jia1, the great lakes, e_type, Tanya Afl, Nicola Bärwald, kobblliizz, Ultima Thule, Icuntunderstand, Kelly Borges Ramos, Marisol Martínez, K Davey, Burchett, RuthB, Kanako, ugeena, joonyoung90, autumnwinter, Aimee Jean, Pietro, May Udomlertwanasin, sarajanehalligan, Yi Zheng, cecilialeite
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