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Untitled, Dan Flavin

15 Loves

1972–73. Yellow and green fluorescent light, edition 1/3, 8 ft. (244 cm) high, in a corridor measuring 8 ft. (244 cm) high hand 8 ft. (244 cm) wide; length variable. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York,Panza Collection

Loved by Ananda Pellerin and 14 othersAn Muller, phuturz, aarolilypod, Daniel L., chordtocolor, epougy, Lianna Sheppard, Torie, Dionne E, S_Telford, OhJuliette, lillimilli, autumnwinter, lait
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Feline masks at Undercover AW13

2 Unfold Laptop Bag/Heritage - HARDGRAFT

Mandarin Dragonet

Wild Boy Chardonnay

Vertical Garden, Barcelona

109 Loves

Loved by Alex Tieghi-Walker and 108 othersLuke Spice, Liam, Nobuko Tannawa, Kin Woo, super/collider, Samantha Lim, Daniella Negromonte, Paula Robles, Marta Represa, An Muller, Noeli, sandra, fleaanderson, Carola Bruno, studioloor, AnitaP, ororo, Sílvia Sousa, Georgia-Rose Fairman,, aarolilypod, jessaphina, loewenherzlionheart, ela27, kasey orban, yasmine, monicarouse, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Torie, Dionne E, sillyedie, ras, bettypage2000, aysesensoy, IrmaLaDouce, deplaced, Edita Mockevičiūte, Asako Nagasawa, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, smfwiththeslugs, lucy.anstey, dyannahvampira, Tish Wrigley, Azza Hassan, Naomi Lyon, malenaj, Dal, PollyAnders, Dina Lun, Audrey Hu, Dimitra Sotirchos, Disiecta, Mafalda Meireles, Dalila Pasotti, Ananda Pellerin, jodie-leeyoung, guditor, Jorjia Gillis, Daisy Woodward, OhJuliette, Sarah.Franz, aienlemence, Cecilia Dossan, Anna C Hardenby, clavin, Sarusik, CarolinW, mitziga, H1pst3R_Hatr, lillimilli, Anna Te Pe, Tekla., Laura Allsop, autumnwinter, TiffanyInfinity, Jane Fayle, bronte, c-c-s, efdygn, Aya Dekel, dvec, Debbie Martin, sophiemills, DaintyDame_, Julianne, Cate Lau, clark, Harry Leek, Fashion Freak, moli, Akalak, and_MIKI, kika, Svetana, Penelope Rhi, Justin von der Fehr, fionaglen, Shir Ventura, Debbie Mellor, Aamina Simone, Sarah Beth Tagget, LucyRoseDoll, SouzanaSaapoglou, Pia Frithiof, Hanne Waerzeggers, annemarijnlouise
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The Chanel flower stall will take up residence outside the pop-up Chanel beauty store in Covent Garden from March 8-10, offering posies created from the blooms used in some of its most celebrated fragrances.

Loved by Mandi Lennard and 130 othersNell Kalonji, Nobuko Tannawa, Kin Woo, Sarah Volpi, Samantha Lim, Priya De Souza, Daniella Negromonte, Stuart White, Marta Represa, anna_atf, Carola Bruno, utome, JasminaA, Lucia Davies, ororo, Augustine Wong, Maira Marques Coutin, michelle,, betocake, isabelletaylor8, starbrightlite, sue Virginia Smith, aarolilypod, JorgeGo, micky, maggie black, drzoidy, Angelica, chelle schuberg, aliya, loewenherzlionheart, samanthaaxo, kasey orban, Laura Bending, jacquelyn, monicarouse, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Torie, Dionne E, Annoushka Giltsoff, onlyjoe, xx_katerina, ras, bettypage2000, aysesensoy, IrmaLaDouce, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, Meghna Majumdar, dyannahvampira, hearts MJ, debbieb, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Dal, flesh., Aneta, Mishelle Raitses, Yuka, joj oh !, Jadi, Disiecta, Yezin Carrillo, Lara Lakay, Mafalda Meireles, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, OhJuliette, Sarah.Franz, momo, Catalina_R, YoungZ, Anna C Hardenby, AuntieGlam, clavin, Isobel Shirley, C Richardson, Julija Sorokina, Sarusik, ammegnadlor, Laura Homsi, Tamsin Weir, mitziga, lillimilli, Vasilina, Elisha Mittal, Urtė Labutytė, Anna Te Pe, Dolce Dreams, autumnwinter, Jessie Bearden, bronte, Alexa Iønescu, Mikki Sandhu, Leia, efdygn, dvec, SarahJaneOwen, ThisisHWOOD, Rachel de Graaf, Scarlett Frances Martin, pops, JanePritchard, Amore Lee, sophiemills, dannidannii, Bogdana Sachkova, emilycunningham, Daniela Dias, Mirrorsprite, emerlyrack, SophieAbady, Fromtheworldwithlove Ftwwl, Fashion Freak, moli, Tony Romero, emll, Olga Zvyagina, jesshq, Victoria Scott, Kathrin Hildebrand, Carlos Da Cunha, Models1, fionaglen, Shir Ventura, Lu Wang, Aisha, Sarah Beth Tagget, SouzanaSaapoglou
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Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Frank Gehry

Bouquet by Rambert Fleurs

Alice in Wonderland by Salvador Dali, 1969

23 Loves

This scene depicts the Queen of Hearts's Croquet Ground.

Go to the Retronaut for the full story.

Loved by Tish Wrigley and 22 othersLiam, aarolilypod, violethu, dpskg, aliya, kasey orban, marionette, epougy, Torie, aysesensoy, wonder underground, Mlin Pek, Dalila Pasotti, YoungZ, Cecilia Dossan, Fernando Salvatori, autumnwinter, lait, dvec, sophie doré, Becca Sidhu, Fashion Freak
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Dachshund by Andy Warhol

Jane Birkin's pink dress

Illuminated, 2012, Jules de Balincourt

23 Loves

This new body of painting work addresses the uncertainties of contemporary human life. The viewer may be unable to discern whether the burst of color over the ocean in Fireworks signals a celebration or an artillery explosion.

Loved by Dimitra Sotirchos and 22 othersmoonlake, An Muller, aarolilypod, dpskg, aliya, ela27, chordtocolor, epougy, Torie, Dionne E, ras, aysesensoy, OdileJans, Tish Wrigley, Mlin Pek, Carolina Delgado, jodie-leeyoung, Sarah.Franz, Roxanne Bauwens, Emma Sutton, efdygn, dvec
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