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Vintage tattoos

Biscuit Font.

Cacti Cupcakes

Citrus Rainbow by Emily Blincoe

Man Ray, Legs

A snowy volcano


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Korean creative collective Posh Craft has developed 'Luna', an iPhone 5 skin made entirely out of concrete in collaboration with Realize Design Studio. Each unique accessory features one-of-a-kind crater-like voids and imperfections on its surface, appearing as if the cover was extracted directly from the moon.

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Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol, 1975

Oil dip

Salad dress by Sarah Illenberger

Monsieur Cat and Madamoiselle Fish

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Faustine Steinmetz

Cristobal Balenciaga, 1967

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Currently on show at the exhibition PARIS HAUTE COUTURE at the Hôtel de Ville Paris until July 6th 2013.

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Balenciaga AW 13.