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Olafur Eliasson: Room for one color, 1997

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'In Olafur Eliasson’s Room for one color (1997) we actually only see one color. The room is illuminated by yellow monofrequency light. In contrast to ordinary white light containing the full colour spectrum, it consists of a single wavelength at the yellow end of the spectrum'

Loved by Neil Wissink and 32 othersKin Woo, Mélanie Crété, moonlake, Joe, iamwickedC, Magdalena S., andycherry, sergey molodzov, luca:f, aarolilypod, viola arisci, Jette Tosti, epougy, Laura Bradley, Torie, danielle, Helene Lai, IrmaLaDouce, greg turpan, SIMPLYM3, Tish Wrigley, Katie The Doll, Simon B. Mørch, Dina Lun, Nathalie Olah, Ananda Pellerin, Jorjia Gillis, Sarah.Franz, mlegs, Icuntunderstand, lillimilli, Maggie Duffy
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