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Everything Paul Davies Loves

Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger, Unique colour Polaroid print 1969-70

Farmhouse Chair by Bend Seating

Silver-Blue 6-cylinder Jaguar XJ-S (b. 1990)

16 Loves

well-maintained by respected PR maven. A bargain

Loved by Paul Davies and 15 othersLuke Spice, Leigh Batnick, Carolee, An Muller, mmm, Rocco, shoegalmng, aniag, carrie, Sofia Leitão, Céleste, kasey orban, Lucygarside, onlyjoe, clairecliche
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Alicia Silverstone for Rolling Stone, 1995

Crucifix Platforms

model Rick Genest w. full body skeleton tattoo

Chanel Ice Cream

166 Loves

Loved by Lucia Davies and 165 othersSarah Volpi, Daniella Negromonte, DenisseC, Sara, Paty De Carvalho, moonlake, Sofiefatale, quirkook, STYLING DELUXE, chesko,, Catrinel Ardeus, Marta Represa, egeyuksek, MaryJohnofKings, mmm, iconlo, E.P.Cutler, Jennie-Wrennie, MrdR, jump2surface, Berni Martín, PiccoloNiccolo, fleaanderson, Carola Bruno, whynot, iamwickedC, Dori K., Rocco, a.f, JasminaA, Dani Dal Col, leanaa, Anita, Malinovskaya, Sarah.D, Paula Guzmán, Maira Marques Coutin, edyta, shoegalmng, amp.aor, sandra Merchan, Ju Cesar,, betocake, mayyyl, Lori Gold, zArchitect, anordinarydesigner, ninacentola, kma, laur12, luca:f, ElianaLuck, cristinairisarri, Xiao Ya Lee, Aude, kelseyking, Linette, micky, lisafalhas, drzoidy, delusione, Miss Law, Steffi, perrycornelius, Angelica, EVI KARATZA, Michelle Daccarett, Marcio Mattos, ados87, Muyeong, martina iotti, Maria Luisa, Céleste, jessaphina, ela27,, whatkatydid, melina, playful, DanielaBDS, trezchic, abriggs, Lydi, Natali Ramaniuk, Badjinca Carvalho, Monike, AlessiaL, bigpat, pippip, Owen James Smith, kamila, fashionvictim80, Miso Kim, Matea, ece ateş, JJ Chun, Michele Zanon Ladenthin, Toriaaa, RCXY, Tempe, Rocky T., Emanuela, hellena, Dionne E, KristynEmily, Lukrecija Vaupsaite, Blaise, Ye Jades, Pola B., Paul Davies, chelseaw, bru, celestial, ruthsuth, onlyjoe, Antonella Catarsini, Overdressed, Emma Louise Layla, bettypage2000, Poppy Lai, 59inches, Helen Cunliffe, kelly zan-marie, Foofieboutique, Célia Pires, IrmaLaDouce, Ion, sara_rocha, caitlinboelke, mrlazaris, Amaranta, KRomeo, emily.lamb, carmen90210, Aun BReak My HeaRt, Christopher Lee Sauvé, SWEETCAROLINE77, Siobhan Bon, Hitomi Marutani, Rebella, cheer, Harper379, annah, nattyrodriguez29, Melissa Gomes, Karina Grano, Antonia, Tânia Torres, happisis, janelel, BigBetty Beyond, Cemina, eavs, m.pariseau5, JosefinaBS, rohicocco, Druccy15, Kelsey Monroe, chadchase, Sarah.Franz, kendarling, Vale Miceli, autumnwinter
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Guidi boots on a Rick Owens chair at Zekka, Perth

11 Loves

Since it's beginnings barely three years ago, Zekka has firmly established itself as Western Australia's sartorial home for avant-garde fashion design.
Here a pair of navy blue Guidi boots from Italy sit atop one of Rick Owens' bunker-like wooden chairs in the King Street menswear boutique.

Loved by Dan Thawley and 10 othersmmm, cblicious, Iris, ninacentola, Yulia Krivich, ela27, SoGreenstreet, kasey orban, Paul Davies, autumnwinter
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Bottega Veneta SS '11 campaign - ph. Alex Prager

Maximo Riera: Octopus Chair

Boardwalk Empire

Tokio Kumagai's Mouse Shoe

27 Loves

Japanese designer Tokio Kumagai became famous for his off-kilter design perspective and the quirky delights that he fantasised and brought to life during the 1980s.

Loved by Dan Thawley and 26 othersFred Butler, Daniella Negromonte, meggg, isawad, MaryJohnofKings, pauvrelola, Juurakkotukka, Paula Guzmán, shoegalmng, ninacentola, Sofia Leitão, Roisin McAtamney, Céleste, Natali Ramaniuk, Lucia Mariani, Toriaaa, Morly king, KristynEmily, Milda Jurkštaitė Paškevičienė, Paul Davies, Raquel Locadelasflores, cerenaytunur, IrmaLaDouce, lucy.anstey, FebiEbi, clairecliche
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entrance to Groninger Museum lounge area - renovation by Studio Job