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paradise skating

Rick Owens Men's Mink Gloves

9 Loves

Forget the current heatwave and prepare for arctic conditions this A/W '14. Your fingertips will thank you for it. Ideal for elaborate Hallowe'en pranks, too.

Loved by Paul Davies and 8 othersMandi Lennard, Dan Thawley, Dean Mayo Davies, Sarah Volpi, Marta Represa, Jonathan Connelly, autumnwinter, Lulu Yao
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Mario Testino's first published portrait - Parisian chanteuse, Anne Pigalle

Casablanca Oceanside Pool, February 1955

Skinny Dipping

Apple sneakers, circa early '90s

Festival season has begun

26 Loves

How will you be greeting the Great Outdoors this summer. Field Candy's range of tents includes several exteriors designed to grab attention. Ideal for when you've lost your way

Loved by Paul Davies and 25 othersCaroline Lever, Alexandru Colt, sandra, LianaKesenci, giunicastro, olena, loewenherzlionheart, yamsha, Lianna Sheppard, Dionne E, Edita Mockevičiūte, Asako Nagasawa, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, Kim18, mauveplasticheart, Jorjia Gillis, YoungZ, lillimilli, autumnwinter, Nênê Pires, Molly Molloy, Karine Casali, NZ, AnneB
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Tippi Degré, the real Mowgli girl

Chefchaouen, the blue town of Morocco

The Peacock Room, Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy.

138 Loves

Loved by Paul Davies and 137 othersLuke Spice, Caroline Lever, Nobuko Tannawa, Cako Martin, Christina Hardy, mish, sol, moonlake, Carolee, bianca justiniano, chloearauz, Marta Represa, An Muller, Joe, Noeli, myyahaira, iamwickedC, LEDAVENPORT, ororo, ellamthenry, Maira Marques Coutin, starbrightlite, Yukko Cat, Suze Olbrich, Sonakshi, aarolilypod, JorgeGo, micky, maggie black, drzoidy, dpskg, Derya Sensoy, chelle schuberg, jessaphina, loewenherzlionheart, Jette Tosti, yasmine, yamsha, epougy, jessicaU, DianaCoralHDz, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Lianna Sheppard, Frido van der Weij, Milda Jurkštaitė Paškevičienė, Annoushka Giltsoff, bru, ras, bettypage2000, aysesensoy, Edita Mockevičiūte, Asako Nagasawa, Marilyn Baker, schwarzhogerzeil, OdileJans, anastasyak, Georgie Edmonds, Sakib Khan, Chelsea Sargautis, hoipoloi, Julia V, SIMPLYM3, Azza Hassan, léna, Danielle Anna Scetbon, Sara Wółkiewicz, PollyAnders, Dina Lun, Shannon Shelly, Mlin Pek, Yuka, Jadi, Disiecta, Mel Ng, Kate Monckton, Garry, Anna Kent, Rodrigo Branco, Dalila Pasotti, luiluv, Daisy Woodward, Sarah.Franz, Marta Odachowska, Catalina_R, Vania Rodriguez Saavedra, Agatha Chrysikopoulou New, Sally Anne Bolton, AuntieGlam, bonnipong, Luis Royal, yeceniatorres, Lucie Norris, Bia Semeghini, Dolce Dreams, autumnwinter, Silvia Uslenghi, bronte, Jack Jx, Nênê Pires, hannahmoth, pfnyc, c-c-s, FrancescaBossi, Consuelo Eckhardt, Clair Berry, Gus Thatcher, Karine Casali, Kelly Gordon, betsieburns, ldcarey, Hilary Bourke, Mirrorsprite, Angeline Reynolds, goldhenn, Karolina Sznycer, claudiapalmira, Fromtheworldwithlove Ftwwl, Fashion Freak, moli, kellywahsltrom, Cath Nonie Bouverat, kika, Caroline Bsage, maria colina perez, Nazifa, biendansmapeau, stankiewicz1989, Stephie Lee, CelinePhilline, Penelope Rhi, Julia Roy- Williams, fionaglen, Lisa Illis, clairecliche, deefault, Cathem
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Zebra hand art by Guido Daniele


Colour coordination

18 Loves

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - Winners Gallery: People category. Location: Hardangervidda, Norway. Image by Kai-Otto Melau

Loved by Paul Davies and 17 othersCarolee, Marta Represa, Maira Marques Coutin, Sílvia Sousa, aarolilypod, viola arisci, jessaphina, epougy, Laura Bradley, Torie, IrmaLaDouce, Catalina_R, kobblliizz, ammegnadlor, M/M (Paris), Nênê Pires, Alexa Iønescu
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Hermès Monochrome Shirt

119 Loves

Loved by Mandi Lennard and 118 othersNobuko Tannawa, Kin Woo, Dean Mayo Davies, mish, blake, Carolee, Alexandru Colt, Marta Represa, Laura, Joe, Carola Bruno, eveysnowchi, iamwickedC, tjornina, JasminaA, LEDAVENPORT, ororo, christine, John_mcilroy, RIeCHvARaDSn, Patsy, Irena, sergey molodzov, mshehla, aarolilypod, Juju, maggie black, drzoidy, Steffi, mbomans, aliya, viola arisci, loewenherzlionheart, Lefki Liodaki, yasmine, epougy, DianaCoralHDz, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Frido van der Weij, luuucia, marianagv, Sara Huang, Paul Davies, Jorge Orozco, Helene Lai, nickshoe, ras, lox, deplaced, Jonathan Schofield, OdileJans, anastasyak, l.ribes, insania, lucy.anstey, hoipoloi, PATTERNITY, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Azza Hassan, PollyAnders, Misinga, Blanche, Shannon Shelly, Francesca Cogoni, Frida, bryson0817, jessmacdonald, adeleballer, Disiecta, Audrey Sillem, lanegret, mauveplasticheart, SusannaCarolina, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, Daisy Woodward, Cruz, Isobel Shirley, C Richardson, Eleonora D'Ottavi, Marie Emelianova, kobblliizz,, ammegnadlor, Kanako, Tamsin Weir, Mary Casella, IZ2904, Urtė Labutytė, thegapofmadonna, wjgm, autumnwinter, TiffanyInfinity, Leila Kozma, bronte, Nênê Pires, Lulu Yao, CrisCtras, Alexa Iønescu, yvetteyy, gmcnyc, kaito, mintvintagelondon, whenhearstareyoung, Aya Dekel, Theresa Caffrey, midori, Amore Lee, Jenvett, jcwerner, sophiemills, Meg OHara, lhotel-particulier, Banana, Fromtheworldwithlove Ftwwl, Sabi Gallegos-Anda, Shir Ventura

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Ai Weiwei's XMas screensaver

18 Loves

"Door Gods are traditionally placed at the entrance to every Chinese ­family's home to protect them from evil spirits. This includes ­details from art works I have made, and the Gangnam Style parody. The caonimas represent the spirit of defiance against internet censorship in China. Each Chinese New Year, I ­create a different poster of the gods for ­netizens to download and post on their doors."

Loved by Paul Davies and 17 othersAgata Belcen, Junsuke Yamasaki, caitlin, Carolee, Marta Represa, aarolilypod, Alois Georg Mueller, Laura Bradley, Marilyn Baker, hearts MJ, Samuel, candylovesky, adeleballer, Lara Lakay, Megan Thomas, Laura Allsop, autumnwinter
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