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Nancy Waters is the editor of AnOther Magazine and

A Cosy Cob House

Christy Turlington, Paris, 1991 by Steven Meisel

13 Loves

Phillips presents work by Steven Meisel in a traveling selling exhibition arriving in London 16 December – 11 January.

30 Berkeley Square

Loved by Jonathan Connelly and 12 othersNancy Waters, thiagoferraz, Marta Represa, An Muller, Allison Bo, aarolilypod, loewenherzlionheart, Dionne E, IrmaLaDouce, anastasyak, Mary Casella, MateaLoves
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Floral painted house in Poland

Balthus "Rossinière" slippers by Christian Louboutin

11 Loves

20 pairs available from the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from April 19th to June 22nd

Loved by Nancy Waters and 10 othersMae Delaney-Reid, Daniella Negromonte, blake, Marta Represa, Allison Bo, chordtocolor, Laura Bradley, Dionne E, Pau Cerruti, Lisa Illis
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Metal Pineapples

110 Loves

Loved by Ellie Grace Cumming and 109 othersLuke Spice, Nancy Waters, Mae Delaney-Reid, Ben Cobb, Nobuko Tannawa, Mandi Lennard, Samantha Lim, Laura Mackness, Daniella Negromonte, mish, sol, blake, Bluish, Marta Represa, mvdh, Noeli, anna_atf, tjornina, eqvvs, ccny, Raven Smith, Maira Marques Coutin, eliffilyos,, maggie black, lmoure, Nihalicious, Cassandra, yamsha, Ester, Laura Bradley, ece ateş, Dionne E, Jorge Orozco, Helene Lai, IrmaLaDouce, Marilyn Baker, lucy.anstey, Chelsea Sargautis, sefhv, Georgiana Jayne Wagstaff, jota pe, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Tish Wrigley, Azza Hassan, Susanna Cognigni Suzie Sue, PollyAnders, m.pariseau5, anabgl_, Marina Kurikhina, Sophie Stella, joj oh !, candylovesky, Jadi, Disiecta, guditor, Daisy Woodward, Sarah.Franz, momo, Hcampbe1, Kerry Francis, aienlemence, the great lakes, carolineh, Friederike Zenner, Nicola Bärwald, Tamsin Weir, Mary Casella, Urtė Labutytė, Louise Cox, bronte, Nênê Pires, Lulu Yao, Meg OHara, pelodelobo, Fromtheworldwithlove Ftwwl, kellywahsltrom, Andrew Blyszak, sarajanehalligan, Brigida, kika, biendansmapeau, The Bugplanet, Juanita Espinosa, Natasha Maidment, ollamaday, Cami B., RedCalypso, Victoria Scott, kirstiembanks, Kathrin Hildebrand, scenerylabel, Just be, The Flower Appreciation Society, ClairChamberlain, Shir Ventura, clairecliche, cecilialeite, Richelle Gott, Natalieharris, Cushla Whiting, Aamina Simone, Maria Rychkova, Rosh, SouzanaSaapoglou, benni mariani, Phoebe Trimingham, Daniela Bomba, Samantha Lewis

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