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Maison Martin Margiela Bodice Top

Dream ring

Invisible shoes

182 Loves

Invisible shoes by Andreia Chaves

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Rick Owens Women's Stivale Boot

Lara Bohinc Solar Eclipse Rose Gold Bracelet


Alexander Wang Freja suede and patent-leather boots

VISIONAIRE a tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen Couture Edition

Maison Martin Margiela / Crinkle effect brass ring


See by Chloé / Patchwork Dress


Kim Gordon's Portfolio

A Bengal Cat

Electric Feather's Custom Headbands | at Citizens Band Performance

20 Loves

This past Saturday, in New York City, I attended a one-night only performance entitled 'The Past is a Foreign Country' by the Citizens Band. The show's Costume Designer Leana Zuniga described the custom pieces as "Electric Feathers bandeau/ascot/belt scarves and fabric and vintage we dug out of my own and Sarah Sophie Flicker's archives".

Loved by Kristopher Arden Houser and 19 othersLeigh Batnick, Bluish, meggg, isawad, maisonarf, Marta Represa, Rachel, Jazzi M, edyta, ninacentola, ElianaLuck, katieroh, susannaparrish, Melanie Lyke, ela27, Nora, Ye Jades, IrmaLaDouce, Nênê Pires
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