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Everything Leila McGlew Loves

Marble Surfboards by Alexander Wang & Haydenshapes

Pantone Skintone Tattone

Wanda Nylon Trench Coat

Flowers in her hair

Andy Warhol, 1964

spring flowers at Maison Gai Saber

Midnite Mini Champ Swiss Army Knife

Peter Saville Portrait

Secret Compartment Ring

Robert Clergerie Ankle Strap Sandal

Cotton Pyjamas

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“For the mulling mamas, bird lovers, word nerds and hearth huggers. As useful and as comforting as a worn in pair of work gloves, this is a site you can dig into. It is the anti-eye candy. It is my homepage. I go here to get my daily hues.”

The picture above is a Wind Map of the United States, found on

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"A Romance for the Wild Turkey" by Paul Zimmer

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"When I see them venture across a snow-blown field against a bitter January wind, a gang plodding behind its suzerain leader in all their staunchness and regalia, I think of future primitives - Mad Max meets Zulu Nation. This poem is for the unlikely ones and the underdogs, those who are seemingly earthbound but sleep in the treetops."

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