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Jean-Luc is in fashion PR, obsessed with defending emerging designers.

Nureyev's Toe


ju$t another rich kid's limited edition 'he loves me. he loves me not.' set of custom cokespoons

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the set is a collaboration between several artists wich includes 4 custom coke spoons by ju$t another rich kid, nice collective, surface to air + various projects with a white credit card by terence koh in a steel box by playground …
limited edition of 10 sets - $2750

Loved by Jean-Luc and 33 othersmoonlake, Carolee, MaryJohnofKings, cblicious, romchat, savanna, ellamthenry, pdenley1, Allison Bo, Sonakshi, Irena, luca:f, maggie black, Daniel L., girlinthewoods, akxkiddo, Lucygarside, epougy, ece ateş, Dionne E, chelseaw, IrmaLaDouce, Edgar Reynoso, Marilyn Baker, carmen90210, analola, Meghna Majumdar, hearts MJ, thingsilove, lisa britton, AGATHA, Laura Loveday, clairecliche
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jean-michel cazabat sequin shoes

Verner Panton Pyramid Mirror

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the peacock poodle

the camel poodle

'life goes on' by eric elms

'oooh. … o hhh.' button by bonus de luxe

barneys daphne guinness window unveiling #6

barneys daphne guinness window unveiling #4

barneys daphne guinness window unveiling #1

kate's wedding dress by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen

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Loved by Jean-Luc and 134 othersFred Butler, Kin Woo, Sarah Volpi, Sophie McGinn, Lisa John, Daniella Negromonte, Erica, Seren, Valery Bolliger, quirkook, Carolee, Milan Djordjevic,, Carol G., Marta Represa, Merrie, KMB, Rachel, iconlo, Anne-Louise Juneja, jump2surface, JasminaA, Emmma, ozlem, ccny, Ashleigh, ororo, marcosia, purplehaze, courtpet, shoegalmng, Allison Bo, Fe, Lillia, Natsuko, ninacentola, samu, aarolilypod, Xiao Ya Lee, violethu, nihan, VanShe, salome, sheung fung, maggie black, drzoidy, delusione, Angelica, Tasha, hunbun, Sascha, pherber888, claudiaog, aliya, girlinthewoods, Marcello, viola arisci, magikglasses, samanthaaxo, Kyla Doll, DanielaBDS, abriggs, barbara boner, drduckling, marionette, Monike, bigpat, Lucygarside, postcardsfromparis, jacquelyn, epougy, ellenwithjelly, Kat D, Laura Bradley, Matea, ece ateş, JJ Chun, tahlia, dashafish, luuucia, KristynEmily, Blaise, cheriegrubb, Serra Turker, katyg, gentlewoman, Eloisa, Veronica Horsman, Meghna, ras, bettypage2000, Elodie, Foofieboutique, Alexandra Leh, The Modern Aesthete, Asako Nagasawa, Jekka, carmen90210, Jonathan Schofield, OdileJans, HannahG, analola, coco.rokoko, Retro girl, Jodie Yates, Harper379, Bushra Ali, tartinis, helenl, ReeceAdam, leewaxty, Cazarama, Sanne Doedens, caro_36, lornabee, mariana.vava, Nuca Gegechkori, vivblank, Patricia Gaye Tapp, Janine Sharpe, Rita Mombello, AnOther Lottie, Vlad Merariu, Cariendr, Gayatri, lisa britton, Frida, JosefinaBS, Reina.K, Derrode, Jadi, Kanako, autumnwinter, Nênê Pires
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slim chips from haf by hafsteinn juliusson