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Everything Bridget Grant Loves

Cliff House by Modscape

Tiruvannamalai in Southern India by Vincent Leroux

Christie's FIRST OPEN London

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Christie’s global FIRST OPEN auctions promote cutting edge contemporary art of a high calibre, at an accessible price point.

The first edition of FIRST OPEN/LDN opens Saturday 20th September with auction night taking place September 25th.

Loved by Andrew Blyszak and 6 othersaarolilypod, loewenherzlionheart, Aurora Aspen, Bridget Grant, Leia, Justin von der Fehr
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Light Up Paddleboard

Irié parfums: Nota Bene

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Direct from Paris' Left Bank comes this niche collection of fragrances by Japanese designer Irié, inspired by the dark romance of the author Marguerite Duras. Nota Bene is a woody and masculine scent reminiscent of tabacco and old books with notes of vetiver and licorice. It is currently exclusive to the Paris boutique.

Loved by Dan Thawley and 5 otherspetrito, Daisy Woodward, cejenesaisquoi, Bridget Grant, Moontapgrl
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Lanvin 1966

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Chic Playing Cards


Marble Surfboards by Alexander Wang & Haydenshapes

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