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Broken Mirror/Evening Sky by Bing Wright

Marc Jacobs Victoriana Jacket

HOLIDAY, N°373 / The 69 issue

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Thirty-seven years after its last issue, Holiday returns through the creative direction of l'Atelier Franck Durand and Marc Beaugé.

Loved by Laura Bradley and 5 othersKin Woo, An Muller, dpskg, loewenherzlionheart, Harriet Baker
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Bathroom by Saul Steinberg


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Just one example of myriad archival rare Gaultier campaign and invite artworks on display at London College of Fashion's Fashion Space Gallery from 11 April; special satellite show of Barbican's forthcoming exhibition.

Loved by Mandi Lennard and 13 othersSamantha Lim, Daniella Negromonte, An Muller, fangfang, yamsha, ece ateş, Milda Jurkštaitė Paškevičienė, hearts MJ, PollyAnders, Sarah.Franz, Andrew Blyszak, Cath Nonie Bouverat, Slimalbino
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Cat Brick.

sit on a Lily Pad

The Beatles Pillow Fight Contact Sheet, George V Hotel, Paris, 1964