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Everything Alessandra Fanizzi Loves

Amethyst Basin

The Shell House in Isla Mujeres

National Pink Day

Hot Air Balloon Designs, 1818

Prada a/w 1987

A collection of shells by Alexandre-Isidore Leroy de Barbe (1777-1828)

Lips from the 1920s

A field of wild flowers

Sliced Glass Paintings and Portraits by Loren Stump

Pastel Pineapples

Vogue, June 1940

Procida, Naples

Eraser Totem.

WOOD WARP Wood Veneer Cushion

13 Loves

Tumbling block design created from Oak / Rosewood & Smoked Oak veneer.
Rockman and Rockman

Loved by PATTERNITY and 12 othersFred Butler, Mandi Lennard, Marta Represa, mvdh, jump2surface, Raven Smith, maggie black, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, lucy.anstey, Alessandra Fanizzi, Tish Wrigley
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