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Everything Agata Belcen Loves

Agata Belcen is Fashion Editor of AnOther Magazine and Another Man.

The Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Stencil Hair

Isolated Heroes by Raf Simons and David Sims


Jay-Z Classic Gangster

Paris, Montparnasse by Andreas Gursky

Pyjamas by Yolke

Connemara marble egg cups

Wedgwood Colour Samples (1776)

Concrete grey coat by Celine A/W13

Alphabet Ts by Hiroaki Ohya

Bottled Sky

41 Loves

"Bottled Skies are a unique and beautiful visual creation born from the unusual properties of silica aerogel (96% air). Contained in each Bottled Sky is a “cloud”, unique in form and which can never be repeated. Bottled skies are blue in front of a black background, virtually invisible in front of a white background, and cast a shadow with a golden hue reminiscent of the sun’s rays."

Loved by Zac Bayly and 40 othersAgata Belcen, Poppy, thiagoferraz, Marta Represa, sandra, Carola Bruno, elifcanyasa, aarolilypod, maggie black, Miss Law, aliya, jessaphina, kasey orban, danielle, bettypage2000, lox, Marilyn Baker, Fiona Cook, Ani Eristavi, Chelsea Sargautis, Dina Lun, Mafalda Meireles, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, Sarah.Franz, C Richardson, Vanillawalk, autumnwinter, Jane Fayle, bronte, Noura, Ellie Grace Cumming, Noruena, Tytus Oruba, Lynn Wong, dannidannii, frauenkokon, Iris Cost, blaackpoodole, Danielle Bennison-Brown
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